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Zacharia’s “Athazham”

Zacharia’s “Athazham”

(Historical Blunder)

Paul Zacharia in his book “Malayaleyude Avasanathe Athazam” (The Last supper of Malyalees” -Malayalm essays 1st Edn 2004 Mathrubhumi Books) in page 78,

says that he learned about Sri Narayana Guru, by reading the Souvenir “Guru Smaranika” compiled by P.K. Balakrishnan. Zacharai describes Guru as the real revolutionary of Kerala.

It is a sad fact, that Zacharia has so far not read the Biography of Thycaud Ayya Swamiakal, published by Kalady Parameswaran Pillai in 1960 for Ayya Mission. Thycaud. It contains an important chapter titled “Ayithochadanam”.

Unfortunately this chapter is not found in the 2nd Edn published in 1976 by

Dr.G. Revikumar. Zaharia has not seen the Ayya Guru Mahasamadhi Varshika Smaranika 2003” too.

If he had seen these two, he should have a clear idea who the first real revolutionary of old Travancore was, Thycadu Ayya Swamikal (1814-1909) was the Guru of Chattampi Swamikal, Sri Narayana Guru , Ayyankali, Swathy Thirunal ,Resident Mc Gregor etc (Total 51)

With Ayyanakali he introduced “ Panthibhojan’ in 19th century itself. Following this Ayya got the nickname “Pandipparayan”. Dr.S.K Vasanthan who is celebrating Navathy of Panthibhojan by Sahodharan Ayyappan, who was nicknamed as Pulayanayyappan, too has not seen these publications.

Let them visit


About 120 years back, Siva Raja Yogi Thycaud Ayya Swamikal introduced Panthibojan

( eating together with lower castes in a single row) for the first time in entire India by sitting together with Ayyankali .

Was it not a revolution?

Ayya Swami had 51 disciples ,extending from Palace& Residency to huts. Swathy Thirunal, Resident McGregor, parents of Maharani Sethu Parvathy Bai, A.R Raja Raja Varma, Kollathamma , Kalpada Kaniyar, Petta Fernadez, Thakkala Peer Muhamadu, Nanu Assan, Chattampi and Ayyanakali were among them.

Was it not a revolution?

Sri Narayana Guru had disciples from upper castes like Nayars, but there was nobody from lower castes. Even though he preached “oru jathy, oru matham,” ,Dalits were not allowed to join them. Ayya Sawami who said that “intha ulakathile ore oru jathy than,ore oru matahm than,,ore oru kadavul than…” (see page 115 of his biography) accepted Dalits like Ayyankali as his disciples.

Was it not a revolution?

Reverse quiz wizard G.S Pradeep too had not read the biography of Thycaud Ayya Swamiakl, so that Kairaly TV had to give one gold coin to one of the participants in Reverse Quiz.

Noted Historian Dr. M.G.S Narayanan too committed a blunder by saying that Ayya Swamikal was a Brahmin (see Millennium supplement of Manorama dated

31st Dec 1999).

When it was pointed out, he corrected partially by stating that Ayya Swamikal was not a Brahmin. But he did not divulge who/what Ayya Swamiakal was. That too shows that MGS had not read the Biography of Ayya.

Will these people take some time to read the above mentioned books ?

Otherwise they will continue to make “Historical blunders”

Predictions by Ayya Swamikal in 1909

1.The younger Maharanis, son will become the Maharaja and

he will be ”Kadssi Raja”(the last king of Travancore).

2.North India will be separated.

3.Ayyankali will be nominated to Sri Moolam Assembly

4.Ayyanakali will be honored by the Rulers

(His Statue was later unveiled by PM Indira Gandhi)

5.His Samadhi day

With Prof.Sundaram Pillai Ayya founded “Siva Prakasa Sabha”

in Chenthitta, Trivandrum

Ayya Swamikal sent Nanu and Chattampi to Maruthwa mala for meditation

He sent Kollathamma to cook for them

Ayya Swami prompted Nanu Guru to install idols, stating that any Yogi can install idols.

Ayya propagated “Siva Raja Yogi”. So his disciple Nanu Guru too became devotee of Siva and so he installed Siva lingas.